Can the X20 be saved? :-)

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Re: Can the X20 be saved? :-)

As for the smearing/noise reduction, I would suggest that Auto setting will work well outdoors in daylight as long as the subject isn't moving too fast.  For fast subjects consider "sport" mode.  For people consider "portrait" mode.  You can expect these will automate ISO, shutter speed and aperture well for their stated type of shots.  Taking shots in poor light indoors pushes any camera toward its limits, especially with difficult subjects, so Auto doesn't always work well for that.  Finally, you can also turn down noise reduction setting in the menu to eliminate smearing.

Gary K

thanks so much for bearing with me. i'm really just getting to know this cam and my photo skills aren't too good but i'm willing to learn.

i kept experimenting with the settings available to me in auto mode and realized i could still set the white balance even though the cam is set to "auto" i finally got the brilliant idea that every photographer learned the first day in school which is to use a grey card to set the white balance. ha! you can basically set the white balance and affect exposure at the same time with by half pressing the shutter while pointing at the card (which you can angle to be brighter or darker in front of the lens to affect exposure)  brilliant!

this improved the results a lot but not only that, i changed the film simulations setting from "standard" to "pro neg/ Hi" and the smearing is GONE. Apparently provia/standard applies a lot of noise reduction to the during the jpeg rendering process

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