Fujifilm better than sony?

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Re: Fujifilm better than sony?

pevece wrote:

Speak honest? i prefer Olympus OMD EM5. Zuiko lens really a stellar lens. Fuji X-E1 and NEX 6 can have issue when Auto Focus on low light situation.

but, great camera don't make great photographer.

If i have a chance i will switch to OMD but too bad i already invested so many on NEX system

omd-em5 AF is not that good in low light situations and it doesn't have the same tracking facilities as the nex6 . Total focus system of nex6 is better.

there are very nice lenses also available on e-mount, NEX is better if you consider  total image quality certainly  in low light conditions.

Actually the OMD AF is a lot faster than the NEX, even the 6. With phase detection, the 6 is suppose to track moving objects better, but I haven't really found it to be that great at all, it's just slightly faster than the NEX7. I had the OMD for a few months before getting the 6. On the OMD I had the 25/1.4, 45/1.8 and the kit 12-50 lens and AF is almost instant except in low light where it'll hunt a bit but will still manage to lock focus. The NEX6 is pretty similar with the lenses I have right now (18-55 and 55-210). However, both the OMD and NEX6 focuses better than the NEX7 and 24/1.8 combo especially in low light. Nothing scientific, just my experience.

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I only shoot JPEG =]

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