Fujifilm better than sony?

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Re: Fujifilm better than sony?

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Dan_168 wrote:

RezaTravilla wrote:

great gear don't make great photographer.

I have tested the famous X100s, one word: i don't like the autofocus. It's going no where. Better Sony NEX who has, at least, face detection.

So, you have invest on an expensive gear and for focusing you rely on manual focusing? kinda silly to me.

Well, there is a lot of "silly" people out there spent more on Zeiss Manual focus lens to use them on modern SLRs. may be it's only "silly" for some but not the others.

The next question would be, why wouldn't you buy Zeiss with MF on NEX as opposed to Fuji?

My Zeiss MF lesnes was not purchased for neither NEX nor Fuji, they are ZF/ZE for my Nikon and Canon DSLRs, but I do have adapters to use them on NEX 7 because so far I am not too crazy about the NEX lens offering and I do actually use my TSEs and Zeiss and Nikon G lenses on NEX 7 once in a while for fun. by the way, I have never offered my opinion which is "better" between Fuji xxx model vs NEX XXX model.

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