Can the X20 be saved? :-)

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Re: Can the X20 be saved? :-)

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here's an example of what the x20 jpeg has difficulty with. the cat's fur for some reason is always kicking in too much noise reduction and looks smeary, losing detail as well as

contrast creating harsh edges making the shape/form a bit flat

the room had very low light when picture was taken

jpg   obviously the contrast is pumped and nr applied. just seems to go a bit far

raw   more detail revealed overall more realistic and you have the option to adjust any bit you like. probably have a preset amount of saturation contrast etc applied while importing or just adjust one copy paste to the rest. raw give you the Powah!

These two photos are meaningless as examples because they are taken at 1/50 sec. which is not enough to stop subject motion.  Get better results at 1/250 or faster.

how are they meaningless if these are the settings the camera chooses for itself?

The camera doesn't know you are photographing your pet, which moves.  It is simply exposing the picture correctly for the light situation in the room.

this was shot using the cameras auto mode. is there a way to to force shutter speed in auto mode? of course not.

so are you saying the auto modes in this camera=meaningless? these weren't even the worst examples

Yes, the photos are meaningless in the context of the original post, "Can the X20 be saved?"  These are not examples of some sort of deficiency in the X20.  Taken at this shutter speed any camera would show blurring in the fur, due to subject motion.

at the very least you can judge the decisions the camera is making for it's jpeg rendering which is consistently being flummoxed with low contrast subjects in low light situations.

This photo at this ISO required 1/50 second at F/2.0.  Lucky the X20 has such a nice fast lens.  Most P&S cameras don't go down to F/2.0.  The picture would have been even worse at F2.8 which is the lowest setting on many zoom lenses.

You are saying that the camera is responsible for the poor picture.  But the poor quality of these pictures is due to low light, which required a slow shutter speed.  It appears you didn't use the flash, which would automatically be accompanied by a fast shutter speed.

These photos do not support an argument that the X20 somehow needs to be "saved."

i see what you're saying. my main problem is not being able to dial down the smearing /nr that the cam does in any auto setting. i've been trying to modify my technique for auto mode. how many cameras currently on the market will apply as much NR to jpgs as this one currently does? that's what's "off" about this cam for me so far.

this camera being in the point and shoot category should cater to people who will shoot this way don't you think?

That's a fair question.  The X10/X20 was designed to fill a niche at the top of the P&S market.  While it has competitors with larger sensors now, it still claims much of the enthusiast territory with its easily accessible controls, manual zoom, optical viewfinder, high quality Fujinon lens and retro look.  Lots of enthusiasts (like me) like to play around with the dials.   Fuji didn't design this to go head-on with other P&S cameras.

As for the smearing/noise reduction, I would suggest that Auto setting will work well outdoors in daylight as long as the subject isn't moving too fast.  For fast subjects consider "sport" mode.  For people consider "portrait" mode.  You can expect these will automate ISO, shutter speed and aperture well for their stated type of shots.  Taking shots in poor light indoors pushes any camera toward its limits, especially with difficult subjects, so Auto doesn't always work well for that.  Finally, you can also turn down noise reduction setting in the menu to eliminate smearing.

Gary K

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