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shuttervelocity wrote:

In this modern cut-throat world where online stores are going out of their way to get business from customers, I'm truly surprised how a site like bhphotovideo is even surviving!  Whenever I try to buy something from that site, it says 'online ordering is unavailable' and then there was a big downtime for something called passover.  what is up with that company?

So, not really dissing the site, because they have great deals on Used items but I've never been able to order anything because I always miss it because online ordering is unavailable.  So, what's the deal with that site?  is it manually operated by people who dont work weekends?

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To put it simply, in a social media world, they are unaffected and unconcerned and you can work with them or  you can not.  Not that they would ever say so but,  their business,  their rules, if you don't like  it,  shop elsewhere and ... oh yes, tough.  I love B&H.

Probably the last company in America that doesn't  call a Board of Director's meeting  if some belligerent retard goes on Twitter and whines. (#Target, manatee grey as a color on fat women's clothes. They were offended. The fat women that is. I feel for the manatees, being reduced to a color chip.)

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