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shuttervelocity wrote:

In this modern cut-throat world where online stores are going out of their way to get business from customers, I'm truly surprised how a site like bhphotovideo is even surviving!B&H are worth dealing with.

Not me; their service (and communication) is very good.

I haven't been 100% impressed with any biz, but B&H probably come closest to that ideal, from what I have been able to suss out so far.

Recommendations for them are far and wide, all over the net.

Their direct-mail newsletters are good. Their videos and insights entice you to do more with equipment (and spend more money at their store). When they say they have stock, there is no messing around: they have stock. Unlike so many other stores that say stock is available when it isn't.

Their warehouses must be huge.

I love their messages on their website: they keep you informed of everything. Sometimes orders can be time-critical; it's good to be informed of when the shop is closed or when service will resume for their customers, many of whom are international.

And it's great to be informed on the website itself rather than going on twitter or whatever; the customer shouldn't be expected to do that.

Their website is easy to navigate and isn't littered with 3rd party sellers. Search is pretty effective. If an export restriction is encountered, you are informed of it on their website. If you or anyone you know orders from them, they send you a fat catalogue in the mail showing you all the cool stuff they sell. The range is mind-boggling.

Henry Posner is a great communicator and an asset to B&H.

Basically, they are doing so many things right.

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