Hand-holding the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 75-300mm F4.8-6.7 II near 300mm

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Re: Tried 1440mm equivalent just now......

Guy Parsons wrote:

FrankParis wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

The E-PL5 with 45-150mm OIS enabled makes live view at tele rather nice and smooth to frame, the jitter is all gone.

Presumably you turn off IBIS in the E-PL5 when you do this.

Possibly counter-intuitively you need to turn ON the IBIS in the E-PL5 to enable the Lens IS Priority. When it detects an OIS lens then the E-PL5 turns off the IBIS internally (invisibly to the user) and uses the lens OIS instead. If you turn off IBIS then you get no stabilisation at all from body or lens.

I did not know that! I have several Panny lenses. I'll have to try it. I did try -- inadvertently - my 45-200mm with OIS on, on a tripod with Olympus IBIS off. Don't try that! Every time you shift the framing then stop moving the camera on the tripod, the image continues to drift in the viewfinder for a few seconds. OIS got turned on by accident. It happened twice. I thought something was defective the first time it happened, when I finally noticed OIS on. Recognized the symptom for what it was immediately when it happened again.

As for tripods, if anyone is really serious about good quality images and not just a take-a-chance happy-snapper like me, then a heavy tripod is a must. The 2 seconds anti-shock seems to be all that is needed to overcome the usual motion shake when the shutter is pressed on a heavy tripod, maybe longer delay like 4 seconds needed for a light weight tripod.

Now it's my turn to say something "unbelievable." I never use anti-shock (just 2 second delay) and I have the lightest carbon fiber Gitzo tripod made and that's how I get my razor sharp images. I used to have a much heavier Gitzo tripod when I had my Nikon system, but I sold it off (along with he RRS BH-55 ball head attached) when I went MFT. (Now I used the BH-40.)

Just for fun I right now tried that Nikon 180/2.8 and 2x tele converter plus 2x

I had all that with my Nikon gear. It was one of my favorite lenses and I used it quite a bit with my D2x. Wasn't too impress with the 2x extender, however. The 1.4 produced no image degradation and I liked that much better. I believe I paid over $400 for that 1.4x extender.

digital teleconverter for 1440mm equivalent. No samples to show as it is a grey day and the target 2.4 km away was half mist shrouded but I surprised myself that though the preview was rather wobbly I did get "successful" results standing hand-held. Will know more when the sun decides to shine and can try a range of shutter speeds and distances. Had IBIS on but could only set it to 1000mm and it seemed to be working just fine at 1/320 sec with my setup.....

Not a thing I'd go walking with but maybe more likely to try and catch birds in the backyard with.

Well, I'm anxious to see something with that getup. Seems weird now, but when I had the f/2.8 180mm, I thought it was small and light LOL. It seemed super high tech to me at the time. My son bought it from me. He uses it on his 800E.

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