Aperature or Lightroom?

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Re: Importing - Ap & LR are similar

Majikthize wrote:

grcolts wrote:

One of the big differences between the two programs is that you have to import images into Aperture. No big deal but is an extra step.

I think you may be misunderstanding this. Aperture and LR work in essentially the same way with regard to "importing". Both Ap and LR have an import process whereby you tell them where the images are and they generate preview images, which they incorporate into the library/catalog so that they can show you the images even if the original file is not available (i.e. on another computer). If you choose to make your library/catalog "managed", the app also copies the original image file into the library/catalog. If you instead choose to make it "referenced", the app simply references the original image file in its current location.

Right. There are many who misunderstand both Aperture and Lightroom. Some believe either or both programs make internal copies, or that one does and the other doesn't.

The fact is both programs can be made to work either way. Both can copy images into the program's own folder and manage them all inside there, or both can be set to leave your photos where they already are and merely catalog their current locations in its database.

Deciding between Aperture and Lightroom should be based on other factors.

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