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chriswall wrote:

Interesting that you should have the Samsung. I have the NX10 with three basic lenses , including the awesome 30 mm. The Achilles heel of the Samsung system is their inability to do a long lens. I was very tempted by the V1 system when I held the 30-110 in my hand. So when the prices dropped I bought the three lens kit and I have to say I have been very impressed.  Resolution is not up to the NX30mm but it is even more portable. What no one I have read has said is the fact that you can fit the telephoto into any sort of fairly loose trouser pocket. Most of us do not want to carry camera bags with us.  So a great little system, but I am continually frustrated by the interface.  I cannot believe that Nikon (camera makers par excellence) can produce such a dreadful system while Samsung (they of photocopiers and fridges) have produced a really rather intuitive series of menus.

I shall probably keep the Samsung for when I need the maximum resolution but for the moment plan on investing in the Nikon 1 series. But a cheap 'semiprofessional' body which allowed easy and swift shifting of metering, ISO, drive and focus without having to go into levels of menu would be great.  The real killer would be a 70- 220 telephoto which would put you up to about 600mm equivalent. and please, please stabilise the battery size. And sort out the pricing, please.

Interesting, I had an NX10 with 18-55mm, 30mm, and 50-200mm lenses. I loved the ergonomics and interface, the 30mm lens is amazing, and there's something about the way colors are rendered that I really liked about my NX10. But the 18-55mm lens was just average, and the 50-200mm was pretty poor at the long end with ineffective stabilization, and also big and heavy. The biggest drawback, for me at least, was the slow autofocus.

I sold my NX10 system, but I do still miss it sometimes. In terms of ultimate photo quality, the Nikon 1 can't quite match up, but I get many, many more keepers with my Nikon 1 system under a variety of tricky shooting conditions.

I have the NX20 with 16mm, 30mm, and 12-24mm, which I really like, and the 18-200mm, which isn't that great. Most of my photos I take on holiday, where I'm expecting to end up using the NX for 70% of shots and the Nikon 1 for the rest. Because most of the these lenses are small, this still ends up weighing less than a DSLR kit!

I agree that the interface on the NX10/20 is much better, but I think using both cameras gives the best of both worlds - I can use the Samsung for the slow, considered shots where I have time to setup the tripod, carefully pick settings, etc. and the Nikon 1 on program mode where I can just pick it up and fire away, taking advantage of the much faster autofocus and generally more responsive performance. For general shots in good light, viewed at less than 100%, I don't think the difference in quality is that important, for low light and really important shots, I'll stick to the samsung.

I've given up trying to find that perfect camera that does everything, and right now I think the combination of samsung NX + primes and Nikon 1 + zooms makes a great combination, particularly if you buy the discounted end of life models!

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