Just ordered the 24-120mm f/4....after long consideration....

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Re: Just ordered the 24-120mm f/4....after long consideration....

slimandy wrote:

Brian Caslis wrote:

Good luck to you, I hope you have a better experience than I did. I had the 24-85 and was mostly happy with it but wanted more range. I got the 24-120 due to the rebate but in testing against the 24-85 (both with charts and real world images) the 24-85 was sharper in the corners and the 24-120 at 120 was not as sharp in the center as the 24-85 at 85 in the center.

That seems like an odd comparison given the 24~85 doesn't even get to 120mm. What is the 24~120 like @ 85mm? It's excellent b.t.w., I wasn't looking for an answer.

I returned the lens and I'm staying with the 24-85 at least for now. I would recommend you look at the review of these two lenses at cameralabs.com. My results were basically the same as his. Maybe I got a bad 24-120 or a great 24-85.

Not looking for an answer? For the one I tested, at 85mm the center was a tiny bit less sharp than my 24-85 and the corners were definitely less sharp.

It's not really an odd comparison. The only reason to get the 24-120 for me was the extra range. And if I had it was going to use it, but if it was softer at maximum then the the 24-85 at maximum, why pay for it? Would make more sense to me just to get a dedicated telephoto which is what I will likely do.

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