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D600 is more camera than most really need (difference between need and want)

RhysM wrote:

Ok so we all know the spec differences between the two cameras but i'm wondering how much they matter to someone who doesn't shoot a lot of sport/action but simply wants a very good camera to capture family events, holidays, etc in superb quality.

Ok so... (glass half full, leaving out the dust/left focus issues, assuming you get a good unit)

24 vs 36 megapixels - i'm thinking not really relevant as 24 is more than enough and on the rare occasion you may want to print a huge canvas you can simply buy something like genuine fractals and upsize.

Not an issue at all. I have printed 24x36" from 12 MP cameras (D2x and D3) that look very good from a couple of feet of viewing distance (practical situation). Heck, I even have 20x30" posters hanging on my wall from 6 MP images from D70.

39 vs 51 AF points - from what i gather this is an issue if you shoot in very low indoor light, but if you believe what is circulating on the internet the new firmware has improved this.

This is probably the biggest difference in practical situations. It is not just the number of AF points that makes the difference. Multi-CAM 3500 on D800 is simply faster and also provides slightly better coverage. However, for all practical purposes, those shooting D600 will not their shots because of relative AF deficiencies. Multi-CAM 4800 is actually a very good AF module.

1/4000th max shutter speed - The D700 has 1/8000 with base ISO of 200 and no one complained about that, so i can't see the D600 having 1/4000 with ISO 100 base being a problem as it's effectively the same thing.

This is totally a non issue for general photographers. What percentage of their images were ever shot at shutter speed faster than 1/4000 seconds? Less than 1% for me, for sure.

1/200 flash sync - I doubt the average photographer who fits within the above category would ever be caused a problem by the 1/50 reduction.

This is also not as big an issue as both cameras support high speed FP Sync where the camera can shoot at up to the fastest shutter speed with flash (obviously, you won't get the full flash power as the flash does multiple smaller power bursts in High Speed FP Sync mode). But the fact is that in situation when you need to use the flash at faster shutter speed, it is available.

Magnesium front plate - i don't think many people will be hanging any HUGE lenses off their D800 nor subjecting the body to a lot of "professional" physical abuse.

Non issue for most who don't shoot in roughest of the conditions.

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