7D - Grain and Noise - What are the primary factors?

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Can you explain further?

tonyjr wrote:

1st - I do a -1 [ underexposed ] [ raw + jpeg ]

Huh?  Care to explain why?  Underexposure brings out additional noise rather than helping suppress it.  Why on earth would you want to intentionally underexpose a shot to control noise, or did I miss your point here entirely?

2nd - grain and noise on a 5 X 7 is probably the printer and / or ink .

I do a test shot [ print ] of a picture someone wants 1st to stir up ink . If your paper is in the printer face up , dust settles on it . Cheap ink separates easier / faster . Grain and noise can be paper , ink , temperature , time between prints , even a low battery in camera [ like almost dead ] dirt on flash , even reflections .

Banding can be the light pulsing .

Umm, pretty doubtful unless it's a single band where you just happen to catch a fluorescent light in mid pulse.  What sort of pulsing can cause banding?  A more likely cause of banding (usually in very dark areas of an image) is again, underexposing the shot and then aggressively increasing the exposure setting during PP to compensate.

I would say if grain and noise are showing up in a non - cropped image - you are shooting dull shots or who ever is checking is looking for problems , not the subject of shot .

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