Any Nikon P330 experiences?

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Re: Charger here...

swhs wrote:

Scheinrb wrote:

I received my P330 yesterday and as soon as I opened the box and started reading the quick-start guide I was struck by this inexcusable design flaw.  Having to charge the battery in the camera precludes charging up one battery while using another

It's not a design flaw. It's better. With in-camera charging you can always add a separate charger, if there's no in-camera charging it cannot be added by other manufacturers, as opposed to cheap chargers...

It could even be a feature if it was a standard micro-USB charger port. So should I want to pack light I could carry only one charger/micro-USB cable that would do for my camera, phone, and possibly more things.

But with a proprietary conector? Really, what was Nikon thinking... For anyone planing to buy more batteries (only 200 shots..), a external charger is a must.

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