D800 Firmware Update Focus Improvement!

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Re: 2 examples - Maybe the light isn't the issue alone?

digital ed wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

m_appeal wrote:

I suppose it's not the best target for AF to work... but it seems to be the same problem as with the portrait shots - the camera just picks whatever contrasty area it wants as opposed to the point  selected.

There was a least one, very long thread on this.  Unless you pick single point focus the camera will focus on the highest contrast point close to the focus point you picked, as opposed to the actual focus box you picked.  It is designed to increase focus speed at the cost of accuracy.  You can bypass this by going with the single center point focus.

Thread on single focus point vs. multi focus point

Sorry Daniel but I am getting tired of all the back and forth on this thread and others where I am still trying to learn something new. If he believes he has the problem, he has the problem. If you believe you do not have the problem, then you do not have the problem. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from trying to change someones mind if they are already convinced. This is a total waste of time for all the combatants on this and other threads.

I am off to enjoy the placebo improvements I am experiencing with my D800.

Combatants?  I prefer to think of this forum as collaborators, all helping each other improve.

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