Are the constant aperture Panasonic lenses worth it (and are you wating for Olympus?)

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Re: Very depressing

Jorginho wrote:

first of all: I am not perfect at all and indeed do the same thing. I said it is easier to do so (judging). When someone does not understand me, I reread my messages sometiems and sometimes Ihave the sam kneejerk reaction like most of us

The point is this phrase:

"The Panasonic 35-100 is $1,500. It should be a bit better than it is. Nothing to do with being a perfectionist, just comparing it to the standards set by it competitors and one of my most used lenses. And certainly not ridiculous to expect excellent performance all round from a lens of this price."

I appreciate the olive branch, and the long message to explain your thinking. It's good that you take time to explain, sometimes others are terse, dismissive and non committal. So I really appreciate the time you've taken.

But it doesn't automatically get you off the hook. You, and people like you (let's call it YAPLY) are spoiling my enjoyment of this site. Continually.

So I need to decide how I respond. Do I abandon this site and find somewhere else, leaving this place to YAPLY, or do I try to make some kind of stand. Try to nudge it towards the kind of place I wan't it to be. For sure that might not be welcome, I might find myself isolated and outnumbered, and leaving may ultimately be the right way to go, but I'm not quite there yet.

You see, it's my forum too, and just because I find myself on the wrong side of group-think more often than not, doesn't mean I'm ready to capitulate. Much of the group-think here is abject, juvenile, inexperienced nonsense; it's not even debatable because a debate requires an open mind, and an open mind can't surface until you've learned how to throw off the shackles of group-think and peer pressure.

In reality, group-think is just a polite word for a gang, and gang is just a polite word for a mob, and mob is just a polite word for a collection of vicious thugs who like to exercise control over a group, for people to cede to their will; regardless of right/wrong, sense/nonsense. Group-think means it's right because some thug says it's right and they'll attack anyone who disagrees, backed by their pawns.

Too many here seem to have simply not yet learned how to use their greatest gift, their mind. Instead they're content just to feel that they fit in, so they kick the stranger who got hit over the head and knocked to the floor. It's low risk and comforts them into believing they are part of the group. But they're never really part of the group, because social groups are amorphous, and those who seek favour in them are simply the easiest to manipulate into becoming the pawns, and not even the good pawns, the sacrificial ones.

And for some on the outskirts, rather than face confrontation, or the dilemma of a free choice that their mind is not yet confident enough to come forward with, it's just easier to adopt group-think. And pretty soon they become assimilated, giving up free will and an open mind and simply becoming the next wave of pawns and soldiers for the amorphous gang.

Perhaps for the truly weak minded, this is inevitable and represents their best case scenario (not finding a group being their worst case scenario). But some (and I sincerely hope it's many) surely get swept along by this but really don't belong there. They can be saved. They run with the pack but know they don't belong, because they have a working mind and free will.

This forum has a fair number of free thinkers. But there's still way too much group-think. Threads rising to 80 comment in 3 hours, and barely a post worth reading among them.

Are these new constant aperture lenses worth the money. It's a good question. They're expensive, a significant investment for many people. Are they a fad or a fashion or a sham, or are they they kind of premium lenses that users of other systems have enjoyed for years, now made real for the m43 system. It's an important milestone for the m43 system.

And isn't DPR, one of the premier photography (gear) sites on the internet, isn't this the place that people should feel they can come to to ask this kind of question?

But what do they get. Nonsense and group-think. "only if you photograph weddings", "it's physically impossible for them to be any better at this size/cost". It's pathetic and it risks making this forum a joke. A social club for the keyboard addicted with a passing interest in camera gear.

So my dilemma is to see if I can somehow reach those who run with the pack, but who know they don't really belong there. To help encourage them to contribute what they really think. Free to make mistakes and not get a kicking. And not compelled to deliver a kicking just to make themself look like part of the gang.

And as this is an important and relevant thread, it's starts here, with me rejecting your claim that you are just some buffoon who is incapable of following a threaded discussion. You're better than that. You're acting like a sacrificial pawn, all front an no defence. You know your argument is irrelevant and out of context, but you just can't show it and stay in the game.

It's time to stop the word play. Time to stop taking a threaded post in isolation to change it's context to suit what you perceive as the right group think that will make you popular. Time to release the shackles and use your own mind and your own free will. Just for clarity, I don't need you stop trying to beat me into group-think, I can take care of that myself. I wan't you to try to release yourself from group-think.

Just answer the damn question with your own opinion, and stop trying to manipulate mine. The forum will be better for it.

The constant Aperture zooms are very nice lenses, excellent at F/4, but a bit below this at F/2.8. For the price I was expecting a bit better (better than 14% resolution loss from F4/ to F/2.8. Lets quantify that and say 10% or less, that's about where my expectation was).

This is what the OP wanted opinions on, this is where I stand. Bite me.


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