Hand-holding the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 75-300mm F4.8-6.7 II near 300mm

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Guy Parsons
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Well, I think it can be done.....

tedolf wrote:

hand held with any camera is going to be problematic.

I think 300mm FF equivalent FOV is about as much as most people are going to be able to hand hold succesfully on a regular basis.


Well, no 300mm lens but the Pana 45-150mm at 150mm on E-PL5 with the OIS enabled and the 2x digital tele converter enabled allowed me last night across a dim room to consistently get a high proportion of shake free shots at around 1/15 and 1/20 sec - so out in the daylight with much faster shutter speeds should improve the maybe 70% success rate to nearer 90% success rate. (90% success is about reality for all shutter speeds I have found, there's always a random shake intruding even at the fastest shutter speeds on occasion).

So for me that 600mm equivalent effort worked fine and am looking forward to next after Christmas Aussie discount period to get the rather nice Mk2 Oly 75-300mm, and then of course try the 2x digital teleconverter to see if I can manage to hand-hold 1200mm equivalent.

Tedolph, you need to realise that people are different, some can hand-hold successfully, others can't.  Your blanket "problematic" is proved wrong by many people who seem to have no problem with that focal length.

Aside..... Hells bells, some of us have even found a better camera than the E-PL1 (hint, = E-PL5).

Regards..... Guy

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