I modified a 38xx I-refill cartridge ...

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Looks good, but....

JJ Winkel wrote:

I have since a long time a new 3880 I-refill kit from InkRepublic, but till now never got to install it mainly due to some drawbacks like too large, too much air causing banding when nearing emptiness, etc...

But as I also read that they have many advantages I decided to try to make one smaller.

Some preliminary pics :

Size comparison

In Situ

Cover almost closed

To avoid a too long post, I made a pdf describing what I did, it's here:


Before I permanently seal the test cartridge and start "destroying" the other eight ones, please feel free to submit any further suggestion or comment.


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C&C welcome if ever there's a pic of mine posted above !

I would question your new plexiglas end panel gluing attachment to the cartridge integraty.  This is an unknown bonding interface, dissimilar materials, plus the cartridge operates with internal pressurization placing more force on that glue joint.  It may last forever, but I would be worried about it may fail and the ink that could flood the floor or carpet.  Floor protection may be required until the glue joint proves its durability.

This is still a very professional cartridge modification and one wonders why the China suppliers just don't make it this way to begin with.

Bob P.

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