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Re: Why do you want

Art_P wrote:

a second lens?

Do you want shallower DoF?  A fast prime would help there.  The 20/1.7 is the least expensive native fast prime.  The Olympus 45mm is also worth looking at

Do you need a low light lens? See above

Do you want to get closer for a different view of ordinary objects?  The Panasonic 45mm and Olympus 60mm macros will get you closer, but are likely out of your price range.  A set of extension tubes will let you get closer w the lens you have (you'll want the Kenko set, which passes through the electronics, the cheap sets lack this, so you have no control of the lens)

Do you just like trying different lenses?  Get an adapter or two and explore the world of cheap legacy lenses.

You may be stuck indoors, but if you have a good view from a window (park, backyard, active street), you could get good use from a longer lens 40/45-150/175/200 or maybe the 100-300mm.  You might also consider a small tripod o you don't have to hold the camera for long periods of time.

BTW, You said you liked the 14, but sold it.  14 may not be my favorite focal length, and it's covered by two other lenses I have, but I hold onto the 14mm because of it's small size... for when I want to travel really light or be less conspicuous.  Probably less of a factor if you're not going to be shooting in crowds or parties.

Thank you, Art. I got another 14mm today. I love them all but have to be reasonable.

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