5D M3 vs D800E, and the billionth question.

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Re: 5D M3 vs D800E, and the billionth question.

Well it must be a turn of tides then. In general, the people on the Canon forum used to complain a lot more. That's probably also because Canon has a larger market share which results in a larger absolute number of insecure or unhappy people that know how to find the Internet.

I wouldn't call myself a pro, I am a hobby shooter with large aspirations (cough). But what I have found out along the years, that looking too much at all the negative comments everywhere can really destroy your pleasure in this hobby. People that compare niche features, start to spot differences on subpixel level. This is hardly about sharing nice moments and motivating each other anymore.

Nikon just had a very negative press with the D800. Even Thom Hogan wrote that the new line-up of Nikon didn't match with what they had. And apparantly there were issues with the AF. So why not just skip this model, or wait for new firmware to fix things, but don't judge Nikon in total for this single event. Japanese DSLRs are still very good quality devies. If I compare the durability with my smartphones or laptops, I think DSLRs are a class of its own. Even after 6 sixs of beating and battering and taking them everywhere, these devices with fine mechanics and electronics perform well. I wish I could say that from my other portable electronic devices.

Or to put it otherwise: stop looking for failures or shortcomings., enjoy or even admire the fact that you can take >20 Mpixel plus photo's, at 6 fps, all sharp due to AF and have them printed on posterformat for a few dollars. 50 years ago people could only dream of this.

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