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Re: Swan- Ready for my Closeup! C&C Welcome

My EV compensation (+ or -) is normally based on information the camera gives me in the field - the histogram and the 'blinkies'.  If the histogram is shifted too far one way or the other resulting in an edge of the histogram appearing 'chopped off', then I adjust the EV value to bring the bulk of the histogram curve back toward center.  On my camera, the 'blinkies' show the same info on the picture itself - areas in the recorded image where data has been lost due to over (or under) exposure.  Given this feedback from the camera, I almost never change the EV setting away from 0 before I start shooting, but will work with this setting as the shoot progresses.

The most common times I do end up changing the EV settings are snow scenes (lots of white fools the metering system) and night scenes (lots of black fools the meter), but the amount is still based on feedback from the camera while I'm standing at the tripod.  SInce there appears to be feather detail in your image (after the gracious post-processing another forum member shared), I would probably have not adjusted the EV on the image you posted when I took the image in the field.  I would have done exactly what the other poster did - adjust to show details in the feathers during post-processing.  However, the bright white compositional element (the swan) taking up a large part of the frame would be a situation where I would watch my histogram very carefully during the shoot.

Bottom line, don't change your setting "just because" - use the feedback from your camera as you shoot and adjust accordingly.  Modern cameras give us plenty of tools to get the image "right" in the field.


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