Anyone jump ship to the D7100 yet?

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Grass isn't greener, but the Nikon can record it properly

I've complained endlessly about Canon dSLR's, especially the 7D and 60D having terrible color accuracy compared to Nikon counterparts. Even the 7100 does a better job. Any mention of Dx0Mark here is like a critic on Rotten Tomatoes daring to bad mouth a Batman movie. Dx0 is right...7D fans are simply irrational.

For scenic or commercial work both the 7D and the 60D blow strong colors, and are too much of an annoyance to bother profiling. Friends who shoot Nikon for commercial work don't laugh at me, they pity me. However, no matter what criticism is aimed at Canon for having some pretty weak sensor performance the brand is defended here with near fanatical delusion. I'll post an example from Dpreview's own comparisons of the 7D -vs- a 7100.

Gee, why is the 7D turning the strong red in the ball too utter sludge like a 1995 consumer print film?  Why even bother using a RAW / AdobeRGB workflow when the red channel is dumping blown garbage. The 60D is actually better....but not too much better. All of the recent consumer end Nikons I've tried do a substantially better job with color accuracy, especially with high gamut warm colors. Strong reds and megentas are a joke. Go to digital imaging resource or any other site. Watch the 7100 destroy the 7D when it comes to orange or red fabrics. You can only imagine what it's doing to fleshtones, but if you're a wedding or portait shooter who needs a crutch stay with Canon to warm skin tones for you. Curious what our mod here or Carl G will invent to defend this.

Oh wait, I forgot. Canon users don't care about such things. Kind of like my 60D not being able to record blue right with Canon DPP. Why is the 7D called a professional camera again? Oh yeah, because it has fast AF and Canon users say it is.

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