Extrapolating Nikon 1.5yr old resolution and 4.4yr old fps & buffer..

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Re: Extrapolating Nikon 1.5yr old resolution and 4.4yr old fps & buffer..

Devendra wrote:

V1 had 10mp in 13.2mmx8.8mm sensor with decent image quality (recently replaced by V2)

D3x has 24mp @5fps w/20-29RAW buffer (based on bits n compression with varying times)


D800/E - AF & DR

Now extrapolating the above technology advances..

TODAY: Nikon can easily bring out a fantastic 32-35mp DX (23.6 x 15.8mm sensor) sensor with minimal 5fps and a longer buffer using 4.4yr old technology.

Adding 1.3DX factor - we can have more reach and faster fps. Adding modern D800 AF will be prefect (ignoring the D800 QA issues)

I do understand the limitations of lenses and what not, but it all depends.

6-9months down: Show Us what you can offer

Regardless, instead of me wanting what will be ideal for me, I am more interested in what Nikon can offer in the DX range since they are more than capable of meeting my needs for a much longer time. They have a tendency of major improvement just like D100-D200-D300 to keep me busy.


Forget about V2 for now - that will give us 54mp in DX...

Do not forget about V2. While the popular version of the D400 with D7100 sensor would be good, why not two versions of D400. The pro CX version with V2 sensor and very fast fps and huge buffer would be great for birders and not have the severe handicap of V2 with adapter for long lenses. A 54mp DX would also be interesting! That fantastic 32-35mp DX should run at least to 8 fps.


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