A58 has tethering ?

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William Porter
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I personally doubt it

Allan Olesen wrote:

A wild guess:

Sony has no intention of limiting tethering to their most expensive models. They just didn't include a tethering feature when they coded their new Linux based firmware. But they needed it for the a99, so they had to include it for that model. Now that is in the firmware, all models will have it.

But as I said: Just a wild guess.


I do understand that you're guessing and we'll all have to wait to see. But my guess is, maybe not.

My guess is that Sony would want to limit tethering to the more expensive models — say, A77 and A99 in the current line-up. Why not? It's not that there's anything all that advanced about tethering in itself, but I think it is the case that the folks who are most likely to give a darn about tethered shooting are those that are going to pay more for the incremental advantages of the high-end models. So instead of giving away something that folks don't want (by say adding tethering support to the A58), restrict it to the A77 and A99 and let the folks who pay more for those cameras feel they're getting something for their money.

My wild guess, which based on my past performance, ain't worth much.


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