A Composition Lesson

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Re: A Composition Lesson

Very nice explanation, examples and concept.  Angles, perception, etc. are all very important to the final image.

I think both photos are strong photos.  I think what your comparison shows is that those slight differences can change the effect of the image and the response received.

The first photo, to me, is a softer effect.  The bench under the trees, the shadows with just that stretch of light racing through the image.

The second photo, again to me, is harder.  Bringing in more of the building face, the angles of the trees against the building, etc.  It seems a bit "grittier" and seems to be more grounded.

How folks see that slight change is interesting and something that I've had to "learn".  I tend to see things differently than most people.  I've used "the rules of composition" to teach myself to see things like others do.

For example, I tended to prefer photos with the subject looking out of the frame and took lots of them.  They never seemed to attract others.  When someone critiqued my work and said "general rule is to have the subject looking into the frame", I started paying attention to that.  Now, I use the looking outward sparingly for impact.

I think your suggestion to look at how objects connect to one another - creating shapes, lines, curves, etc. - is a very helpful tool.

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