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EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Biggs23 wrote:

I read and understood. You said you could use an adapter to use lenses of different mounts. But each different mount requires a different adapter. Thus, if you want to use multiple lenses all of a different mount you must carry an adapter for each. Or am I wrong? Is there a magical adapter that allows the use of every other mount all at the same time?

Versatility lets you pick. You can choose to leave an adapter on every lens, or just use one adapter depending on your lens collection.

So now you're backtracking and admitting what I said from the get go; if you want to use multiple lenses from multiple mounts you must have adapters for each mount.

Most of these non-native lenses will necessitate manual focus, which is actually a strength of the system. You have Focus Peaking, Focus Magnify, Tiltable LCD screen and EVF. The camera will meter: Versatility.

Let me get this straight, MF is a STRENGTH?

You bet. Practically 100% of my photography is with manual focus, except on some occasions when I might use AF. I think I posted images from NBA game taken with AF and MF in the other thread(s).

100% of YOUR photography may very well be. But arguing that MF is MORE versatile and a STRENGTH for most users is hogwash.

I didn't say MF is more versatile.

Right, because it isn't. And if I want 14mm - 200mm at f/2.8 covered with a NEX I'd be forced to MF at least some of that range. Compared with a FF dSLR system where I could have the entire range with AF!

You realize that you can MF with a dSLR too, right? I recognize that focus peaking is a big thing but it's certainly NOT more versatile to MF, even with focus peaking.

I wouldn't buy a DSLR today, much less for Manual Focus.

I wouldn't buy a mirrorless today, much less for AF. What's that comment have anything to do with the topic at hand?

In fact you shouldn't buy a mirror-less camera if you must rely on AF at all times. Only if you prefer to expand the camera usage beyond a limited set of options, that you may want to consider it, as I did (and only to discover later that the AF aspect isn't missing either).

Another area you're coming around in, good to see it!

Some of the non-native mounts also allow for Auto Focus. It is for this reason, effort is being put in developing such adapters as we’ve recently seen from Metabones (with, or without AF). Then there is another tool that not only allows expansion of options for AF lenses, it literally transforms the AF system, from Minolta/Sony A-mount. Sports/Action photography, covered well: Versatility.

But not as well as a dSLR. So versatile, yes, but less so.

There are several points in the argument you responded to. Which one are you alluding to? Definitely not non-native mounts with AF, or is it? Heck, many DSLRs don't even support AF with their own mount depending on sensor size. Or, won't even meter properly.

All FF cameras that I know of will AF with any native lens that isn't a dedicated MF. I was responding to the concept of AF in general, which same generation FF dSLR's are better at than mirrorless cameras are.

If your option is limited to AF, then you have no choice. You're not looking for versatility, you're looking for something that meets your shorter list of must haves.

Nope. I think you misunderstand what versatility means. I can have BOTH AF and MF easily with a FF system and at a HUGE range of focal lengths and apertures. I am not afforded that luxury with a NEX or other mirrorless system. Thus, the FF system is the winner in terms of versatility, yet again.

As for Sport/Action photography, I enjoy that aspect of photography and I'm not the one complaining. You don't, but you're complaining.

I'm not complaining about anything. I think you're confusing complaining with discussing.

You're complaining that I couldn't take a NEX and shoot sports with it. Or, are you agreeing that I could?

WHEN DID I DO THAT? Seriously, don't misquote me. I'm sure you can shoot sports with a mirrorless system, just not as well or with as wide a range of options as with a FF system.

I've long admitted that mirrorless cameras do have some advantages. It's just that those advantages are incredibly overshadowed by the disadvantages.

Not for my money.

Your money doesn't matter in terms of overall versatility, which is what this conversation is about.

As for putting any lens on, what lens am I lacking in a native mount for FF?

Re-read my point.

You didn't make one.

The only reason that NEX (or similar) needs to put on other lenses is because not enough lenses have been developed for the native mount.

Not necessarily.

Yes, necessarily.

Many people buy NEX because they are able to use their old and new lenses from other systems. Also because one can find impressive values from the past, and have explore their photography skills with it. These mirror-less systems are fantastic tools towards that effect. I am one of these people.

True, but not related to the above.

Here is the other side. I like options. For example, I could have picked Samyang 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye lens for A-mount and used on NEX without an issue. I picked the 8mm f/2.8 Fisheye for E-mount (smaller and lighter).

I could have picked Sony 35mm f/1.8 OSS for E-mount. I use Sony 35mm f/1.8 for A-mount instead. I could pick Tamron or Sony 18-200 OSS E-mount for travel zoom. I plan on using Sigma 18-250 OS A-mount instead.

In other words, I can pick and choose without much regard to mount itself, but what makes the most sense to me, with multiple options.

Right, but you're severely limited in what options are actually available natively.

What do I need to back up? I can do it with the gear I own. What details are needed?

Why kind of "details" are expected in a photography forum?

No idea. I asked a simple question, are you incapable of answering it?

That you can literally leave in your pockets when going for a casual walk?

When did I say that, exactly? You have a terrible habit of implying or outright stating that I said things I did not.

I didn't say you did, but that is the point you'd made an attempt to address.

No, it wasn't.

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