COOLPIX A - The new reference compact!

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Re: COOLPIX A - The new reference compact!

CLKAMG wrote:

ElessarJD wrote:

I'm staring at both right now, running some handheld low light comparisons.  So far the RX100 is quicker and brighter, but I can tell in good light the Coolpix A would have much higher picture quality.  But I need a good low light camera that can catch fast moving kids. The fact that I can retain IQ at higher ISOs should help the Nikon, but the f1.8 lens on the Sony bridges that gap allowing lower ISOs to be just as bright. So far I'm not as impressed as I'd hoped to be for low light / fast moving performance with the Nikon, but I plan to do more "field" testing when I get home tonight with the toddler.

The RX100 might have faster lens f1.8 vs f2.8 on the Nikon but youre forgetting the Nikon has a much bigger sensor to make up for it.

I'm well aware of the sensor size differences, in my tests the faster lens offers much more flexibility.

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