Ring around the beauty dish

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Re: Ring around the beauty dish

Brent Allen Thale wrote:

I can put the plastic diffuser on the SB-900 yes, but because of the design of the mounting bracket, it's impossible to move the flash head far enough forward that it's going to make much difference.

I see other companies have different types of speedlight brackets, for example this one here has the flash pointing straight into the dish instead of bending 90 degrees, it looks like with that design the head would actually be far enough into the dish to work: https://www.cheetahstand.com/product-p/16sbdbktc.htm

Here is a picture of the dish I'm using, notice how the flash is barely able to get inside the dish itself, and the flash head is clearly visible around the edges of the deflector.

See how the flash head is too far back in the dish.

Can you move the deflector one notch closer to the flash? It looks like you can.

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