Are the constant aperture Panasonic lenses worth it (and are you wating for Olympus?)

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Re: You're being ridiculously perfectionist

It's probably better to shoot with the framing you want. Unless you print big (I do sometimes) or crop a lot (ditto, especially as the long end on the 12-35 isn't that long, about 1.4x "normal", sometimes I see something interesting near an edge I decide would make a good subject) then you're better with 16MP of pretty good than 10MP of really good (it's a square law, so every 20% you knock off x and y knocks 36% off the MP, so 16MP with 10% cropped off each edge, which isn't much, gives 10MP.

Also not a deal-breaker for me as I bought one (did get a killer price though). Mainly for the 12mm wide end and the low weight combined with pretty good performance for a standard zoom.

P.S. I see DXO have tested it and rate it as 9MP on a 16MP GH2, which is a camera with a weak AA filter. That puts in really pretty good territory for m43 lenses (top 15% I guess).

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