printing rip for IMAC

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Re: Sharpening tools, not RIP

Thanks Alpha Doug - I presume you were answering me and not the OP.  in any case, I wasn't that concerned with sharpening so much - I take care of that before printing, with size in mind.  Admititely I haven't usd PS for printing in quite some time, and not in CS5 which I use now.  I am planning on geting a new Macbook Pro  ( I have an older iMac now which I'll kepp) and I'll definately will give Aperture a try if  it auto uprezes like you say (as well as easier image placement on the page).   If all works out, I can use my old pc as a planter or boat anchor. Although i DO love Qimage, I can understand why Mike Chaney doesn't want to write it for Mac.

Thanks Doug,


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