Birding after 2 weeks (HS50)

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Re: Birding after 2 weeks (HS50)

xgoldman wrote:

I am a birder and trying to choose btwn HS50 and Canon sx50. Interested in bird ID ONLy and will shoot at max zoom, mostly in decent light. I just looked at Threed's shots with SX50 (see link below in thread) and it seems to my eye the Canon blows the FuJI out of the water in every respect.l

It seems on paper the Fuji, with larger sensor, better EVR< faster lens, faster AF, better continuous mode, shd make it better for birding field work-but it sure doesn't look that way.

I'd sure like to hear reports about the Fuji from birders in action in the field. And I"D sure appreciate t comparisons with SX50 from field ornitholigists. BaCKyard shots don't really tell much about how the camera does grabbing that 2 second photo op in the field.

1.  Check out the Birdforum website (Camera and Photography section).  Lots of birders testing out the Fuji HS50 and Canon SX50 in the field.  For bird feeders and bird tables I see better sharpness from the Canon pictures in lower light, but in great light the two cameras are much closer.  Remember it is still early days for the HS50.  If you look at some people's early attempts with the Canon some birders were worried it was a step backwards from the SX40.

2. I am a birder first and have the HS30 (lots of similarities so some of what I say is still relevant). I used to have the HS20 and liked it a lot but I struggled with the EVF for following birds.  The HS30 ( and HS50) EVF is much better.  The Canon SX50 EVF is similar to the HS20 and is a major reason why I wouldn't go for the Canon.  The HS30 has a useful digital zoom which in good light helps ID birds at great distance.  The HS50 seems even better - check out Kim Letkeman's blog on the HS50 (section 6 I think) for a superb Merlin capture at distance.

3. The manual zoom on the Fuji and fast autofocus should make capturing fast moving birds more achievable.  Yesterday I was following a Grey Wagtail and they never stand still :-). I've not uploaded pics yet but I am very pleased with the shots I got.

4.  If you can,  check them both out at a store.  I really like the way the Fuji handles and it is very quick to start up ( the HS50 is even faster).   I can't afford to just yet, but when the HS50 comes down in price I will look to upgrade for that extra reach as I am more than happy with the IQ of the Fuji HS30.

5. If I was to change my Fuji for any of the other superzooms it would be the Panasonic FZ200 as that has great EVF and fast lens throughout its (smaller) zoom range.  I believe that a decent EVF is really, really important for getting those fast moving birds.



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