NX300 + 60mm Macro - NO OIS!

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Re: NX300 + 60mm Macro - chris cannot use OIS!

Knallberto wrote:

you should get a job at Samsung (but not as development engineer )

Then you can run through whole the factory to tell your fairy tales.

"Samsung cannot OIS, Samsung cannot OIS, Sams.... "

Oh, grow up.

There is a problem with the camera with the 60mm macro.

I am making people aware, and the more people mention these things, the more likely Samsung is to notice and fix them.

If you were paying attention, and weren't being silly, you would note that I mentioned OIS works perfectly on the 18-200mm with NX300, and that the 60mm macro OIS works fine on NX1000, so I am saying nothing as stupid as you suggest, shouting Samsung can't do OIS!

I am not going to sit here and sing the cameras praises when there are problems with it.

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