7D - Grain and Noise - What are the primary factors?

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Re: Here is an example at ISO 640

tvstaff wrote:

Yes this is a crop.
No I pulled it down

I'm getting a hat with ETTR on it!

Yeah, ETTR is a but of a mantra around here, but justifiably so, IMHO.  As someone else asked, knowing how much you cropped that image would also be helpful since that really brings out noise.  And, similarly, your sharpening parameters can make a HUGE difference, since sharpening definitely can enhance noise in an image and make it more visible.

I found myself up against this issue plenty when shooting hummers.  Most images had to be cropped to some degree and were often shot at ISO 640 or occasionally higher.  I was able to pretty easily isolate the hummingbirds and do minimal NR and sharpening and concentrate my NR on the OOF background.  That retained the detail and eliminated the majority of the visible noise in the image.  If you're using a tool like LR, this is a piece of cake to do.

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