Suggested settings for greatest shots at beautiful little temp amusement park?

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Re: Suggested settings for greatest shots at beautiful little temp amusement park?

OK I finally had a chance to go through a lot of pictures I shot 6 evenings ago at this little carnival and touch them up.  I was really hustling with all three cameras with 3 trips around the park.   First my Sony A77 starting at dusk with a Minolta 28-135mm "secret handshake" (my most favorite lens), then the Panny GH3 with the 35-100mm F/2.8 (SWEET) and finally my NEX 5N which was only hand held with the 18-55mm lens.   The A77 and GH3 got use of my light weight tripod used as a mono pod, which indeed was a big help.  But as it just turned out, I got most of the nicest motion shots hand held with the NEX 5N.  The large ferris wheel, also, was having a problem and not running most of the time I was there.    Since the topic was about "shooting" colors and playing with slow exposures for "tracing" at night at a "carnival" I am going to go ahead and include several of my favorites from the A77 and NEX 5N as well and will label them as such.  The very 1st 8 shots below are from the GH3.
and hope to do it again some time.  I hope you like some of them.  This is the very first "group" of pictures I have ever posted anywhere on the internet, with only one single photo of a city skyline prior to that here at DPREVIEW in the Sony Alpha section.   SORRY my copy and loading process here on the forum page appears to have a few missing and the copy is split up, maybe because of paragraphs.  I hope the gallery is OK.  Also they are not in the order I selected, so any without a camera label in the copy are GH3.

I did enjoy this a lot
 and are great to work with for ordering prints and custom books & such?  Quality of the prints?upload quickly I have a good number I like a lot now taken with these 3 cameras which are my first serious digital equipment, over the past 2 years and will be joining a Shutterfly or a Flickr one of these days soon.  Any favorites any of you please might recommend of those type of sites that I posted these all at roughly 1080P so they wouldn't take so long.  Not sure what the ideal size would have been. Thanks again so much for the tips!!!

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