Tethering nightmare D800 continues

Started May 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Tethering nightmare D800 continues

it certainly is a pain

I am using Capture One Pro version 7.1 , a 20 foot usb cord with activator and a powered usb hub

and still have problems, I do find that when I additionally  launch Nikon's capture software (Nikon Transfer 2), it usually sees the camera and then it is identified in Capture one , then I'm okay, but it is unreliable  and I've called everyone and tried most everything and  it just seems that usb 2 to usb 3 is the problem.

usb3 seems to need a lot of power and I don't think Apple particularly embraces the connection

they are wanting thunderbolt to be used eventually

I'm also not using a newer Macbook with usb 3 though, just a Macbook  2.8 GHZ Intel /Core i7

so I also don't know if a newer macbook wirth usb3  would work better.

Yeah , maybe another couple of grand to experiment with that setup, don't think so


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