Over/underexposure not shown in OM-D EVF??

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Re: Over/underexposure not shown in OM-D EVF??

pavinder wrote:

I took the camera back to the shop.

They tested it, said it seems problematic, but found that the all other OM-Ds at the shop did exactly the same thing when set in the same way.

Auto ISO? Often the "problem" is, auto ISO is adjusting as you are changing all the settings, keeping the exposure the same no matter what you do. No matter the exposure mode, be it manual, program, shutter speed or aperture priority, If you want to be seeing the changes to exposure settings in the EVF as you make them, you need to be setting your ISO manually.

Most of the time I am manually setting my ISO's, but every once & a while I will have it on auto ISO, make some exposure adjustments and get frustrated because nothing seems to be changing on the screen, then I realize I am in auto ISO and tha camera is adjusting the ISO settings as I make my adjustments. I change it manually to the ISO setting I want and, viola, the EVF starts showing the changes again.

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