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Re: Contituation of the Versatility thread

vzlnc wrote:

versatile: turning with ease from one thing to another.

Amongst the different photography formats we have today, FF is the most versatile bcoz you can adapt it to work in a lot of different situations where other formats might not be fully up to the task.

example: Low light, fast focusing, Thin DOF, high MP landscape or fashion work. Also FF cameras are mostly more rugged and weather sealed than other smaller digital cameras and are more capable of handling tough weather conditions etc.

Having an optical viewfinder is very useful for tracking action shots compared to LCD and holding a camera at an arms length.

CDAF is nowhere close to being as fast as PDAF and there are many situations where you would want the speed of PDAF.

There are a lot of accessories available for FF that might not be easily available for other formats. Like wireless Flash systems, remotes etc not to mentions lenses.

Apart from that, FF cameras are just built to me more responsive, fast, with batteries that last longer, with a lot other technical wizardry inside to suit any purpose.

As far as versatile goes, I guess any other format currently lags behind FF. Yes, there are options that are lighter and cheaper, but not by a lot. And even if we were to take that in account the little brother DX does almost everything the FF does in a smaller, lighter and cheaper package while still not compromising on the capabilities as much as the other formats do.

Mirrorless and other format :

1) Lack the AF speed - not suitable for sports, moving people etc.

Don't shoot birds or sports. The fastest action I need to capture in a day of work is a flower girl walking fast down the isle.

Regarding FF and AF Tracking. Not all of them are very good. My 5D Mk II isn't very good for sports at all for example. Many other Canon's have been lacking in this department as well.

Which is better 9 focus points clustered in the center of the frame or 45 focus points covering ~90% of the frame?

Regarding AF Speed- My E-PL5 with 14-42mm II R focuses near instantly.

2) Not as good in low light

The OM-D and E-PL5 offer exceptional high ISO performance. They easily match or best any camera in their price range.

3) No optical viewfinder, awkward holding style with longer lenses, more prone to handshake.

IBIS or OIS in most lenses so it's really not a problem.

4) less shots per battery charge. Not many offer battery pack.

You can get an external pack for the OM-D but putting one on the E-PL5 would be silly. Batteries are cheap so not really a problem.

5) Not good enough flash system.

What? Olympus RC flash Google it.

6) Thin DOF not possible in situations when you need it.

When do you need it? I need thin DOF for portraits and have no trouble getting it my FX, DX or MFT.

7) Less external controls, less mature menu navigation, lots of fluff and gimmicks to selling to new photo enthusiasts.

The operation essentially the same. It's nice not having to HUNT all over the camera body for one button to change AF settings for example.

8) High on novelty factor rather than practicality. Like manual focus by wire, instead of real manual focus. Its like the ridiculous semi-manual option in some automatic cars to advertise to manual car enthusiasts who are looking for a real manual gear. Just a gimmick.

The end result is the same. A nice gimmick is the automatic 100% zoom when you touch the focus ring while in Single or Continuous AF.

9) More expensive than DX or APS-C cameras and much more ridiculously expensive external viewfinder attachments ( and other assorted nonsense items with no standardized connections yet) going into couple of hundreds of dollars, while you get a free optical viewfinder with the DX which is miles better anyway.

Yes the OVF and EVF is an expensive addition but I don't need it. Pentamirror OVFs are terrible. I can't imagine them being any better than an EVF. Also Most EVFs offer 100% coverage.

10) Being smaller with low power electronics/processor, smaller buffer etc, these cameras will usually be slow in operation, slow to focus, lot of shutter lag, cumbersome to change settings on the fly.

I don't see any of that... I just shot a RAW 16 frame burst @ 8fps before the camera slowed and a RAW burst of 19 frames @ 4.5fps before it slowed. The camera writes to cards very quickly.

In JPEG Fine- I shot a 24 frame burst @ 8fps and a 33 frame burst at 4.5 fps.

In either mode the camera is done writing all files in seconds.

There is virtually no shutter lag. See my comment regarding focusing and buttons.

Now ofcourse having gotten rid of so many features that made the FF cameras VERSATILE, the small mirrorless IS going to be light, but its not VERSATILE anymore. Its a design tradeoff. In any case, if you want a good quality no-nonsense camera that is also light and small, there are many good point and shoots which will do EVERYTHING the mirrorless does and with less cost and with none of the gimmicks.

The only trade off is super-thin DOF with slow zooms. I can get pleasing subject isolation and background blur with a fast prime. Not as strong as FF or DX but good enough for what I want to do with it.

If you want small cameras that weigh less that are like do-it-all, they are the advanced bridge point and shoots, or the large sensor point and shoots. Mirrorless cams offer almost no advantage over those, but will be priced 3 to 5 times more.

Your kidding right. How about the ability to mount nearly every lens ever made including some ridiculously long or fast lenses?

How about the same or better image quality when compared to similarly priced DSLRs?

FF is simply over-hyped.

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