What kit should I take to Africa?

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Re: FZ200

My last trip to Africa was with my old FZ50. And despite being an older camera, I'm very proud of the images it produced. It was bright and sunny, so kept the ISO on 100 the whole time and shot in RAW, hand-held - no problem.

So, the FZ200 should be fantastic, you would have a great range and never have to change lenses. Keep it at low ISO, shoot RAW, and you'll get great images.

(If only they still made the FZ series with zoom rings on the lens and not the stupid toggle.... then I might never have gotten my G5.   For the next trip to Africa, I definitely would bring my G5, but I only own the two kit lenses and 100-300mm anyway so it's not a hard choice. And I'd probably still bring my FZ50 as backup!!)

As for tripod - I never saw the need for it, but with FZ50 and its ISO/noise issues I gave up shooting in low light in the evenings and just enjoyed nature. With a M4/3 camera I might be tempted to shoot in low light, but it really depends on where you are and what you're doing. Tripod might be too much bother?

Somewhere like Etosha National Park or similar, you are not allowed to step out of your vehicle except at campgrounds. There are roads in Etosha where lions literally live in pipes under the road... step out and risk being eaten.     So, why not lean the camera/lens on the rolled-down car window for stability, instead of risking your life setting up a tripod? Bring a beanbag to dampen vibrations if the car is on. But in Etosha you can simply park at a waterhole and enjoy the animals.
(You may also find yourself hanging halfway out of the car window or climbing halfway up onto the roof to get a shot, also not recommended, you definitely won't be bringing your tripod onto the car roof But we haven't been eaten yet...)

Me with FZ50 and elephants. No need for a tripod

My Dad, his FZ100, and one of the aforementioned lions living under the road.

(ignore Dad's miniature tripod. LOL. He didn't find it all that useful! )

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