Displaying 17x22 prints

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Re: Displaying 17x22 prints

You can rotate framed prints. Change them out periodically. Metal frames with spring steal clips make this easy to accomplish. If you go for better quality wooden frames, then all you need is a framing point driver:

My father in-law used a couple of display easels, with a stack of matted and backed, but unframed prints on each. He would put the top one to the back every few days. And, if you wanted, you could easily flip through them. There are lots of designs:

And while we are there, you may want to consider 17 x 25 inch paper. It is a much better ratio for most things. It gives you a 16 x 24 inch (2:3 ratio) image with 1/2 inch borders all round. 13 x 19 inch paper does the same for a 12 x 18 inch print.

Brian A

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