Are there any "rules" for using ISO?

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Re: Are there any "rules" for using ISO?

Rich Rosen wrote:

... For me, ISO is the last thing I change. I try to keep it at the lowest possible ISO, in order to keep color saturation deep as possible.

This is definitely something I should remember - when taking pictures of deer, they blend in so well with the background.  Lower ISO would help to maintain what little contrast exists.

But I am also trying to stop the action, so my shutter speed has got to be between 1/250th and 1/500th  or higher. I want to isolate my subject so my aperture must be pretty wide open.

I was worrying about a wide-open aperture as it affects DOF, but realize now that at the distance from my subjects, DOF is sufficient.  (Someone gave me a link for a DOF calculator to examine.)

I don't use auto ISO. ...The ISO button on the Nikon is really convenient for changing while shooting.

My fingers are finally getting used to how easy it is!  I guess in some circumstances ISO is useful, someone else described it as "liberating".  My reservations about it are that by setting it on auto, I won't learn how to use it!

I am, of course, working in a more controlled environment, than you.  For that grab shot, I would worry about getting the opportunity in the camera. . Since I shoot raw 90% of the time, I do want an exposure between -/+ 1/3rd of a stop and adjust for taste in Aperture.

I shoot RAW all the time.  Sometimes when not sure if I will get the exposure right, I will bracket.  But that doesn't work so well for critters that keep moving!  Better for static subjects when the camera is on a tripod.  With the deer, I often set the camera for bursts so I can catch the action - my reflexes are not fast enough to catch everything!

Thanks Rich.  I always like hearing from you.


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