Just how crappy is the 16-50 kit lens? Test vs 17mm prime & 11-16 Tokina

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Ari Aikomus
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Yes. E16-50 is a fine piece of glass.

captura wrote:

"a fine piece of glass like E16-50"?

Is that a joke? It's built very cheaply, with huge sample variance, and that has been well-documented. There is not one single piece of expensive glass in the assembly. New buyers are taking a risk buying one of these. Caveat Emptor!

You don't know what you're talking about.

E16-50 is indeed kind of masterpiece:

- wide angle 16-50 APS-C zoom with a relatively good IQ through the range

- lightweight, 116g (!)


- Power zoom

- excellent flare control even without hood

- nice close focus possibility

- 8-9 - Lens Groups/Elements (HQ glass elements allows high-definition rendering to large APS-C sensor)

...And all this wonderful stuff in this small, highly functional package:

Yes. E16-50 is a fine piece of glass. This kind of lens has never been seen before (for APS-C sensor).

Every lens is a compromise - also E16-50PZ. But it is almost the perfect compromise for small&compact NEX cameras! You need to understand the realities of the optics, before you can judge any lens. It is impossible to make such a small wide angle zoom lens without - for example - barrel distortion. Fortunately, Sony has made it easy for us with in-camera corrections! And if you shoot RAW files, then you can use lens profiles - very easy.

If you want a big and robust lens, then you just need to get one. However, E16-50PZ has  a great practical value in use with NEX. That's great, that it is possible to get it with NEX kit.

Well done, Sony.


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