Worried about the future of Canon's Txi/XXXD Line after seeing T5i...

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Re: It's not too hard to understand

DSHAPK wrote:

These whining type threads clog up the forum with useless my dad can beat up your dad threads.

Oh, I didn't realize Dpreview was slow yesterday because of running out of space in their database. Maybe the whole Internet is full Really, you don't have to read threads you are not interested in. What is the point running around in these threads and whine about people whining? Just choose the threads you like.

I agree with Midwest most of these posts look like spec chasing by people who can't show any benefit to increased specs. Which is why the comments about empty galleries.

Yeah, that is clearly not childish. My pictures can beat up your pictures Happy now?

Personally I would like Canon to beat up Nikon.

What a surprise.

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