Buy couple of Canon 600EXs or set of set of monolights ...

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Re: Buy couple of Canon 600EXs or set of set of monolights ...

Thanks to all who took the time to respond.  I decided to do a couple of things.

Helix photo (in Chicago) was closing down its store and had a close out on Promaster PD300 Studio light kit.  2 300ws Digital studio lights and 2 softboxes & stands with carry case ($350) - I think I got a very good price and savings.  I will admit that after buying I did find a couple of reviews that were not all that favorable.  That said - the two lights were less than anything I had looked at and for starting out I think it will do just fine - but time will tell.  I also picked up a couple of very cheap - but they work - radio triggers.

I also decided to sell my older flashes and get 1 or 2 additional 580 EX IIs.  They are much less than the 600s as you can find them on e-bay used.  This will give me the flexibility to use them when I am out.  I could also buy a couple of small adaptors that would enable me to use my radio triggers if I want to use the flash in "M" mode.

Again thanks to all who provided a lot of very useful hints and suggestions.

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