Cheap but good printer dedicated to B&W Printing

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Re: Cheap but good printer dedicated to B&W Printing

Sovern wrote:

jtoolman wrote:

Sovern wrote:

I was looking at the Artisan 1430

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The photographer makes the gear, not the other way around.

And why do you think that would be a good B&W candidate? With only one black.

Unfortunately, you really need at least one black and one gray to get a fairly linear neutrality form dark to light in B&W.

You could use ZONE8 method, and it works great for him. He has mastered the technique of printing with simply one black.

I have a 1400 dedicated for B&W with 5 black shades and one Gloss Optimizer.

My R2000 even with one black ( Mk or PK ) produces great B&W prints, after custom profiling to the papers. I use OEM inks on that printer.

Otherwise you really need something like a R2400 R2880 R3000 PRO38000 or PRO3880.

In the Canon side you would need a PRO 9500 MKII PRO 10 or PRO-1 pigment printer or PRO-100 Dye ink printer.

Thanks for the response I really really appreciate it.

So in your opinion, what would be the most bang for your buck printer that can pull off B&W and color well that also prints somewhat fast (I will be doing print on location events and will need a fast printer).

More than likely I will need two of these printers as well (one for backup or secondary use).

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The photographer makes the gear, not the other way around.

Of Course! If you set up a dedicated all Black ink printer, you will only be able to do B&W. Any good higher end K3 Epson printer with one each Matte Black and Photo Black plus 2 extra grays will do you a lot better bang for the buck. Great.... NO.... Amazing color plus same quality B&W.

In the Canon camp, the PRO 9500MKII is a very good one. Better even is the PRO-1 seconded by the PRO-10. Canon Dye camp, only the PRO-100 can do good B&W.


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