Worried about the future of Canon's Txi/XXXD Line after seeing T5i...

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Re: It's not too hard to understand

jayrandomer wrote:

Many new users read these threads and think that the sensor they have isn't good enough, get obsessed with having the absolute best and lose sight of more important things.

What is good enough? It depends on the person and the situation but it's a fact there are many situations when one struggles to get a picture needed. Or even fail to get it. Indoors if light is very scarce or a landscape with a dynamic range your camera can't capture (the popularity of HDR or "HDR" images are a clear proof of the latter). Even the best technique is not always enough. I actually don't like the thinking, which you quite often hear, which suggests that "well, you just have to improve your skills" because it isn't always possible (lack of time, lack of interest, skill limit already reached with a reasonable amount of practice etc.). And you always have to do with the skills you have at the exact moment of taking a picture not with the ones you maybe, just maybe, possess in the future. Better equipment helps (or limits you less often).

If you don't have to do bracketing to capture enough of dynamic range, it helps. If you can crop more to get closer or reframe, it helps. If you can increase ISO without increased noise and loss of details and colors, it all helps. So as long as there are technically failed photos, we need better equipment. Are Canon sensors good enough? No. Are Nikon's? No, but at the moment they are better for the most of many difficult use cases. My view is very practical and user centered. I see cameras as a tool for humans, not the other way around. There's always something wrong in the technology if it requires humans to adapt and try to find their way around the limitations.

I know some photographers don't even like this kind of thinking because they fear it's going to make them at least somewhat obsolete. And they are right but that's the way things go and always has. Soon many will probably just shoot video and pick the best frames for photos (requiring even less skill). From this view point the point is that the sensors, any current sensor, are not good enough and improvement is welcomed. Well, I welcome it, some probably not so much.

I think the number of people who think they are being limited by their gear is smaller than the number that actually are.

Based on what I said before, I strongly disagree. I think everyone runs into situations when they are limited by gear. They don't get the picture as good as they wanted to or they struggle to get it. Those all are limitations of gear. For example your eyes can easily show you what you want in some situation but you have to make a lot of effort to capture that with your gear. That itself is a limitation. The technology you have makes it difficult for you to get what you want. And this is even more true when we talk about people who are not very good photographers because they don't have such skills to go past these technical limitations.

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