printing rip for IMAC

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Re: Sharpening tools, not RIP

I'm in the ame boat as the OP and have acuallymaintained a PC in order t use Qimage  after I got my iMac.  I'd be i terested to hear what the equivelant Mac programs are that a few posters have mentioned.

I've triedhotoshop and LR and both were horrible in terms of ease of use.  Qimage automatically up rezes/ down rezes depending on output size.  Centering/maximizing prints to paper is also easy - i also found color rendition in Qimage to be better.

When I tried PS for printing, it was a hassle just to get the print centered on a sheet of paper, much less primt multiple images to a sheet, and all this after having to prepare the image first for it's intended size for printing.  Am I missing something as far as programs on Mac can do these things with ease?



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