What is 4 times better?

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Enjoy your photography and don't worry about whether your camera's better than others, it takes fine photographs and 80% of the time will do as well as any other system out there.

I understand professionals who care about those things; they need to have equipment that is as good or better than the competition or they are going to lose clients. For amateurs, it's just baffling to me, this obsession with emulating the "pros". For me, there is only one really important consideration, and that is "how well does a lens/camera perform for what I need it to do".

If you look at different classes of products, photographic equipment in the shape of system (can change lenses) products is about the only thing where consumers try to emulate professionals or are somehow motivated to buy stuff used by professionals.

Would you buy the same type of vacuum cleaner that is used by the professional cleaners working in your office building? Would you buy the type of car that's the most popular taxi in your town? Would you buy the kind of display panels used in train stations for use as home TVs? Would you buy and wear uniforms that professionals wear at work? Would you buy a supermarket fridge to use at home? Would you install server racks and blades typically deployed in cloud data centres? Most people would not aspire to that sort of thing.

This alone makes photo-equipment enthusiasts special people

Well, there are guys who try to tune their cars to resemble those used by racing drivers, and guys who want to own same guns as soldiers and police, so it's not a huge exception, but still.

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