Interesting article on DxO about 5D III and D800 resolving power

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Re: Interesting article on DxO about 5D III and D800 resolving power


I think we are nearing the limits of resolution from Canon and Nikon 35mm lenses.

I remember reading about how you needed the best Nikon primes to get the full use of the D800E. Years ago (when the 1DsII came out) I read that 20MP was the max most lenses could resolve (wide open).  I a seeing that on all but the best of lenses. My old 24-70 2.8 looked GREAT on my 1DII and 1DIII, before I sold it, it looked horrible at 22mp on my 5DIII.

I think it remains to be seen what Zeiss can do with these new ultra expensive primes.  The 55mm is said to rival the Leica lenses (both in IQ and price) so it's possible we might be on th verge of a  revolution in very highly spec'd lenses that push the envelope and empty out wallets.  The 24-70ISII and the 17TSE are clearly a sign of what is to come.  It's going to be interesting to see how these new offerings deal with the 40mpx + demands.

The other thing to consider is whether the 35mm DSLR format remains viable for long enough to allow or whether mirrorless supersedes it.

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