Are there any "rules" for using ISO?

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Re: Are there any "rules" for using ISO?

GreenMountainGirl wrote:

baloo_buc wrote:

You have a powerful tool you paid for and not using it. I reckon you don't understand the aperture and shutter speed.

Victor, I think you are right.  In theory I understand about aperture and shutter speed, but for practical use it isn't really ingrained in my thinking.  I have a chart with the f-stop, shutter speed, and ISO values on it, including an illustration of each of the lens apertures, which I think I will have to concentrate on making use of it.

I didn't want to be a reproach. We all learned from scratch. It took me 3 month to include ISO Speed in calculations.

The main thing to remember is that both aperture and shutter speed are reciprocals (i.e. f/5.6 > f/8 or 1/1000 s < 1/125 s) and they are working complementary (if you decrease the one you have to increase the other in order to have the same exposure). Now ISO speed is a part that affects exposure too and it is not reciprocal (i.e. ISO 200 > ISO 100) but it work exactly the same as with shutter speed and aperture.

You aren't the only one who has pointed this out!  And I do appreciate all the "wake-up" calls.


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