NX300..its going back.

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NX300..its going back.

Hi all,

Having recently purchased the NX300 with the 20-50 mm kit I am sad to say I think its going back, well pretty certain as it is now packed away. I do have a few thoughts and concerns I would like to share, to check if my expectations were either to high or perhaps any misunderstanding I may have. I would also like to state this was my first system, I have been using a s95 for the past few years and wanted a camera that would get past the obvious limitations and let me take the shots I wanted to achieve.

- Touch screen responsiveness. I hardly used the screen to be fair however it took multiple touches   at times and found myself constantly just using the buttons. In all honesty I am used to buttons and prefer them so this wasn't really a big deal.

- Screen UIX. I found it cluttered and distracting. Obviously there's no evf, and as such the screen needs to be clear and well designed. I found the menu and Fn screen buttons were a bit unsightly and in all honesty pointless as there were direct hardware buttons to access the same functions about an inch to the right. I toggled the display to find these couldn't be hidden. The black bar on the left used to show what modes were available also seemed to clutter the screen and again couldn't be hidden. The only icons that could be hidden were the useful ones of what shooting settings I had applied.

-  Menu's. Generally OK, i quite liked the Fn menu however wished I could of had a few extra options in there, perhaps at the cost of samsung filters..but that's probably asking to much I also wasn't overly impressed by the splash screen when switching modes on the top dial, seemed a bit toyish, I would rather just get straight in and shoot! I thought turning off help menu's might also disable these but alas no such luck.

- Custom button. Again could have done with a few more options, but i guess u cant throw every option in there to please everyone!

- Wifi functionality. Didn't use this much, I presume it would work ok, would have been nice to integrate to Google drive and perhaps dropbox..only skydrive made an appearance. The remote viewfinder while cool was pointless as when activated the camera was in auto mode and all you could do was change the exposure, turn flash on and off and take the picture, any settings currently activated were bypassed.

- Movie recording. Unable to change iso which was frustrating. Quality was good except in in low light where I found it too grainy.

- Jpeg quality. From what I could see the pics had a fair bit of noise reduction applied regardless of turning of both options off in the menu. Anyone else experience this? In low light shooting (lounge with 6 spot lights) handheld, 20mm at f3.5 lens with iso 1600/3200 my results were not good! I struggled to get sharp images, obviously IS would help but even those that weren't blurred were smoothed and lacked detail indicating noise reduction still being an issue.

-Random screen/lens bug. The screen stuttered when i zoomed in and out on the lens, it seemed to be trying to change the aperture continuously as i zoomed when i aperture priority, although it exhibited this behavior in full manual as well. I turned the camera on and off but it didn't help, however after being off for 5 or so minutes and then using it the stutter had gone. This only happened the once (overheating?!).

I didn't hate the camera but for £600 i didn't love it..this is my first system and would have liked to try other lenses but my initial experience has not left me wanting to try more. I think firmware updates would help some of the problems. Also sorry for not posting pics, I was annoyed and deleted most of my testing pics, I may unpack and take some if I get time. Your thoughts are welcome..go easy!

Canon PowerShot S95 Samsung NX300
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