Paul C. Buff Einstein's... Durability/Longevity?

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Mark A. Small
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Re: Paul C. Buff Einstein's... Durability/Longevity?

I've had b800s for years.  I shoot dance and when I use them I often have them fire 1500 to 3000 times in any single shoot.  Every time one of those flashes has begun to fail (they have never completely quit) I have sent them in and I don't think I have ever paid more than $35 to get them fixed and reconditioned.  They come back good as new.

I just bought an Einstein and it feels better made than my B800s.

I wouldn't worry about durability or longevity - put that energy into making art!

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its all about creating a place you can be yourself, and in an instant, allowing me to capture you as art...

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